Foot Reflexology to Promote Relaxation

The information in this book contains introductory information about Reflexology. It is designed to provide anyone with tools for self-care, and used as for a healing modality. Readers are not qualified to practice reflexology. Currently, the USA’s Foot Reflexology certification is a 300-hour program comprising, anatomy, physiology, hands-on practices, clinical work, and thesis dissertation.


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Reflexology has helped thousands of my clients to achieve good health through a minimal number of healing sessions in a gentle and non-intrusive manner. After finding relief, many have continued to incorporate Reflexology into their wellness maintenance program. There is no need to suffer in silence anymore. People of any age can learn these easy Reflexology techniques. I have taught many adults and children how to give themselves a foot and hand session to calm their pain in between Reflexology sessions. The best thing about Reflexology is that there are no prerequisites other than have nimble fingers and thumbs, have an open mind and believe that you can support your good health.


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