How to Read and Feel Energy, 5-Part


Now that you have taken Chakra 101 Know Your Energy, it’s time to put that knowledge into action by learning how to read and feel energy. How many times do you feel something in your space is different, Instead of processing what you feel, you override the sensations because you don’t take the time?

The world is made of energy and matter with trillions of molecules moving, and yet we miss vital and important information about ourselves and our environment all of the time. Instead of being mindful of life’s cues, we dismiss the messages that can help improve our lives.

In this 5-part “How to Read and Feel Energy”, you will learn how to interpret people’s energy and your surroundings. Just imagine how powerful it would be if you follow through with cues and react differently to situations instead responding in the same unconscious patterns.

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In this 5-part series “How to Read & Feel Energy” your take aways are:

  • Welcome 1:40
  • How to Feel and Read Energy 14:28
  • How to Use a Pendulum to Read Food Energy Vibration 14:45
  • How To Practice a Body Chakra Energy Reading and Balancing 18:33
  • Healing Meditation to Feel Your Energy 12:15
  • Interview- How to Read & Feel Energy with an Aura Camera with Sha Blackburn 18:42

In addition to the lessons, there are homework assignments and exercises to help develop your ability to read and feel energy.

Learn the powerful world of energy and use the energy for your benefit instead of feeling like you’re stuck.


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