What is Reflexology? – 2 part


Reflexology is a science and an art. Reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears represent the body in miniature. The nerve pathways in each foot create an electrochemical flow that communicates with the entire nervous system. The principle of reflexology is that reflex points and areas, meridian pathways, and chakra regions connect with a specific organ, gland or body part. Through the application of pressure using specific thumb and finger techniques, reflexology works with the peripheral nervous system and encourages the body to relax. Reflexology promotes the reduction of stress, reinforcing the body’s ability to stay healthy and vital. This preventative modality encourages wellness through empowerment, education, relaxation, and homeostasis.

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Everyone Needs Reflexology!!

For Relaxation! The relaxation that comes from a healing session is absolutely incredible. After a one hour session, some feel as though you had an entire night of sleep.

Stress Relief! Reflexology relaxes all of the organs, endocrine, spine, and back. Endorphins are created to melt stress.

Move Body Toxins! Reflexology encourages the elimination of stored toxins in major organs and glands.

Build the Immune System! Your body will be able to fight off invasive pathogens.

A Feeling of Well Being! Reflexology helps to quiet the brain from overthinking and excessive worrying.




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