First Step to Your Spiritual Journey Intermediate Module Lesson 3: When to Intervene? Healthy Boundaries, Mindful Journaling 15:08

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Know Your Boundaries


How often do we ignore our boundaries because we think other people’s needs are more important than our own? Too often, instead of giving others a chance to grow personally, we overstep our boundaries by doing the task at hand for them thinking that we are saving them time, pain, and heartache.

If you are a “lifesaver” or the “rescuer” in your relationship, ask yourself why you have taken on this role? Are you addicted to helping? Do you want to be seen as the hero?

When you overdo, notice what happens to your energy. Do you feel depleted or resentful? This lesson teaches when to intervene and when to stand on the sideline and encourage growth.


Your Healthy Boundaries