Meditation Courses

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Course 19: Meditation Video to Dissolve and Heal Negativity

Self-Care, Deep Relaxation with Meditation

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Course 2: Chakra Healing Meditations 19 Video Lessons

Nine grounding and intention meditations and nine healing Chakra meditations for positive energy flow, plus why meditate?
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Why Meditate?


In modern times, meditation is considered a New Age practice, but the art of meditation is 5,000 years old. Some of the earliest records about meditation were found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam around 1500 BCE (Before Common Era.)

Meditation can be essential to help quiet the energy of the mind, body, and spirit; while eliminating and managing repetitive thought patterns, stress, and anxiety. No two persons will experience a meditation the same way, even meditating in a room full of people. Each person will have a different experience.

You can come back to balance by quieting your mind. Whenever you feel you are spiraling into negativity, stop for two minutes and focus on your breathing until you feel your frustrations releasing. You will be surprised how powerful two minutes of breathing can help to release pent-up negative emotions.


Meditation Preparation


  • Find a quiet and undisturbed space
  • Shut down all electronics
  • Decide to sit up or lie down
  • Decide to play music
  • Set the intention of how you want to feel after meditating (release anger? more joy? release stress? )
  • After meditating, sit quietly, drink water, and if you choose, write in your observations in a journel.