Chakra Courses

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Course 1: Chakra 101: Know Your Energy Flow - 9 Video Series

Activate self-healing through mindful practices by Knowing Your Chakra: Introduction to Energy Medicine.Mouse Cursor with Click image

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Course 3: How to Read, Feel and Interpret Energy, 5 Part Video Series

Learn to See, Feel, and Enterpret the World of Energy and Matter

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Course 16: Set Up Your Sacred Healing Space – 3 Video Series

Are You a New Healer That Wants to Establish a Healing Space?

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Course 25: Mind-Body Connection 3 Video Series

 Know Your Mind-Body Connection
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What are Chakras?


The word “chakra” has a Hindu root and means “disks” or “wheels.” Chakras is a component of “energy medicine.” All disks and wheels are vortexes of energy centers that reside near vitals organs such as the brain, heart, digestive, reproductive and elimination functions.. All living creatures have seven energy centers located in the spine from the tailbone to the head.

Chakras are your body’s electrical and energy circuits. They are responsible for all of physical, emotional, and spiritual functions. There are 7 main chakras, living in the center of the spine from the top of the head to the base of the spine.

These vortexes are continuously rotate as energy moves upward and downward through the chakras to create positive energy flow. When chakras are healthy and vital, they are “open.” You will know if they are happy by the way you feel, uplifted, happy and joyful. When chakras are closed or sluggishly, this is caused when  you are feeling anxious, stressed and out of balance.


You Have the Ability to Balance Your Chakras


When energy is flowing freely strongly, the body has the capability of staying healthy, but when the energy is interrupted or blocked, this causes stress and imbalanced, which often leads to illnesses.

Once you understand how your energy flows, you can restore power to that part of the body.


Health is Within Your Reach!