Start Your Healing Journey Today FAQ’s


Taking the first steps of your journey is exciting, scary, and exhilarating.


Your journey will take you to places that will challenge you! Sometimes we need hand-holding. I know that I needed my hands held for much of my journey at the beginning and even today. I am blessed that the right people came into my life at the right time. When I began my journey in my teen years, I had no one ask questions or turn to when I felt the path was confusing and dark. With time I learned a great deal about who I am and I am still learning more about myself.

Are all the courses/lessons videos?

Yes, all the lessons are videos. We will eventually have in-person or live-streaming courses coming soon.

Do I have to be a professional healer to take courses at the Healing Place EnergySchool?

No. Our courses are created for anyone interested in self-care, self-care, and mindful practices. If you are a professional healer, you may incorporate any of our techniques into your current healing practices. Our courses and lessons are copyrighted. No duplication of our materials is permissible either written, audio or video. Use of our courses, lessons and content are for the sole use of the individual student, visitor, or purchaser and any commercial use thereof is prohibited.

Will I become a certified healer if I take your courses?

No. The HealingPlaceEnergySchool is NOT a certification school. With some courses, such as First Step to Your Spiritual Journey, we offer a “certificate for course completion.” The certificate is awarded after a multi-choice choice test, or homework assignment is submitted by emailing to [email protected] Once the information is reviewed, we will email a certificate and feedback comments to you. 

What if I get too many wrong test answers?

Don’t worry about that. Many times we are looking at your perspectives and we might offer suggestions how to shift your vibration.

What if I don’t like the suggestions?

That is what suggestions are, just suggestions. What we offer are choices so that you can move along on your journey instead of feeling stuck.  

Are all of your courses videos?

Yes, they are. You may go at your pace. You have one year from the date of purchase of unlimited access.

What if I don’t like the courses or they are over my head?

Watch and learn as much as you can at the moment. Then come back to it another time. You will be surprise how much you will learn from each viewing. Energy shifts take time to adjust and adapt.

Will you be offering live stream or in-person courses?

We are hoping to do both soon. For an on-site pr live-stream teaching, we will consider teaching in person if there is 15 or more people. If you like to learn more, or suggest your location for in-person or live-streaming learning, email us [email protected] 

Can I take more than one course at the same time?

Our advice is to take one course at a time. Each lesson is approximately 15-20 minutes, containing extensive and vital information. You may need time to process in between lessons, and please do the assigned homework. 

 Do I have to practice if I have taken a Reflexology course? 

Yes, practice is essential.  Helen Chin Lui has given more than 10k reflexology sessions, and she still forgets and omits a step sometimes. Without practice, in addition to forgetting some of the steps, you will NEVER develop touch. The art of touch can ONLY be developed from practice. In the US, a certified foot reflexology session consists of approximately 55 step protocol. 

Can I take lessons in any order?

Take the lessons as presented. Lessons are built upon the preceding one.

Will you suggest which courses I might want to take?

At the bottom of every course description there are suggested courses to take next.

What if I didn’t grasp the concepts?

Depending on your energy and where you are in your transformation process, some courses/lessons will resonate more strongly than others. When you don’t get it, watch the lesson again. Give the lessons a chance to integrate into your energetic being. Most people will have that aha moment!

What happens if I don’t do the homework or the mindful exercise?

Nothing! Transformation progress may be slower. If you do NOT do the internal work, “you won’t know where you are presently, and you won’t know where you are going.” While in energy medicine school, we had to read one healing book consisting of more than 300 pages a week and then do the assigned homework. No one said the road to transformation is easy or quick.


Change requires desire, truth, and an action plan. 

If you do nothing, nothing will come!

You are the queen/king of your universe. 



 I want to take a course that isn’t listed

Please suggest what you would like to learn [email protected]

Is Helen Chin Lui the only instructor?

At this time, yes. Helen has accumulated knowledge and experience since 2006 with her hands-on healing practice. Even though she offers various courses, there are so many more courses she wants to create. Sometimes, she can’t keep up with herself. Her hands-on-healing practice keeps her very busy along with teaching. If you are an experienced educator and would like to teach on our HPES platform, please email us your bio and information to [email protected]

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

All sales are final. Many times, dissatisfaction means your soul is not ready for the transformation work. Next time when you meditate, ask your soul what it wants? See if you can feel “a response.” Then wait another month and try again. Transformation work isn’t easy, and we often resist change because it means we are not ready to step up to who we are.

What if I need more support?

The HealingPlaceEnergySchool offers support either through email, [email protected] We usually answer within 48 business hours. If you need electronic face-to-face support, you may schedule a 30-60 minute session at an hourly rate. 

This sounds so exciting! 

Yes, it is! Once you begin your awakening process, it is exhilarating and scary at the same time. Many of us never become the person we are meant to be because we are too afraid of life challenges. Instead, we end up doubting, wishing we did, or regretting that we didn’t take a chance. 

I can assure you that you will grow into the person you desired, but it takes dedication and commitment. I have been on my journey, consciously, since 2000. It has been challenging and rewarding. If I didn’t challenge myself to step up, I wonder what I would be doing today. I have no regrets! Stop dwelling on “what would my life be like if I did? Instead: I am living my life.” 

How do I begin my first step of my journey?

Look at the course list. If you are new to your journey, I suggest you start with 

15 part First Step to Your Spiritual Journey. This course is broken into 3 modules,


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