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Healing Energy Stones

Chakras. Reflexology. Meditation. Self-Care.

These easy to learn self help holistic lessons can help anyone to feel better quickly without invasive methods or medication. All you need are intent and healing hands.

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Learn self-care, non-invasive, and holistic methods of releasing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain from the comfort of your home!

Reflexology Models

Purchase our reflexology ear and foot models, the perfect tools to use when following self-care and self-heal Healing Place Energy School Reflexology courses.

About Our School

The Healing Place Energy School LLC was established in 2017 by Certified Energy Medicine practitioner, Certified Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Helen Chin Lui of the Healing Place LLC. Helen shares her 13,000 healing sessions knowledge with anyone curious and is proactive about their overall well-being.

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Can an Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath Enhance Your Health? #IonicDetoxFootBathNearMe #ReflexologyNearMe #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

Can an Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath Enhance Your Health? #IonicDetoxFootBathNearMe #ReflexologyNearMe #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

  Yes it can! As part of our healing services to help our clients to feel better as quickly as possible, Healing Place LLC offers ionic detoxifying foot bath therapy as part of our wellness program. Our 30-minute detoxifying foot bath encourages the release of toxins...

Meet Helen Chin Lui

Helen has been practicing professional energy healing services since 2006. Helen has more than 2,000 specialized hours in Reflexology, Energy Medicine, and Reiki.
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