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Can Chronic Gas and Bloating be Caused by H. Pylori Bacteria? Reflexology Supports Digestive and Immune Functions #GasandBloatingRelief #Hpylori #ReflexologyNearMe #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

October 31st, 2023 | healthy living

Your chronic gas and bloating may be caused by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria. It is a type of bacteria that causes infection, sores, and inflammation in the lining of the stomach and the upper small intestines (duodenum.) H. pylori can also cause gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and […]

Nose Blowing For Health #NoseBlowing #ReflexologyNearMe #ClearYourSinus #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

August 6th, 2023 | healthy living

  Your nasal airway is a critical component to your respiratory system. Your nasal airway is responsible for filtering, warming, and humidifying the air you breathe. It also plays a significant role in protecting you from various pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. What happens when you are constantly sick? Build your immune system while supporting your […]

Wonder of Mantras for Reducing Stress and Anxiety #energymedicine #StressandAnxietyEraser #ChakraHealing #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

March 9th, 2023 | healthy living

Do you constantly feel anxious and stress? Is your go-to stress and anxiety releases are destructive habits? Have you been looking for ways to calm yourself without investing a lot of time, money and energy? Try reciting mantras for reducing stress and anxiety. Mantras are sacred sounds or phrases repeated during meditation to create a […]

Are You Looking for a Mind, Body and Spirit Connection? #EnergyMedicine #MindBodySpiritConnection #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

March 7th, 2023 | healthy living

So many of us live robotic lives where we go through our days without much thought or feelings. We have become disconnected from our mind, body, and spirit and become disillusioned with how we are living.   Many people today live in a disconnection from their minds, body, and spirit. We often get caught up […]

Manage Stress and Anxiety With Mindfulness and #FootReflexology #ManageStressandAnxiety #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

March 5th, 2023 | healthy living

Stress is the cause of anxiety, physical, and emotional pain, which can lead to needless worrying and fear. Don’t let stress and anxiety take you down a dark road and hijack your peace. Everyone can learn skills to manage their stress and anxiety with mindful practices. With desire and commitment, you, too, can stop stress […]

#FootReflexology to Ease #FibromyalgiaPain #FibroPainRelief #Wellness #SelfCareforFibro #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

March 3rd, 2023 | healthy living

“Fibro” is a shortened term for fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas. Fibromyalgia affects around 2-4% of the population, more common in women than men.   The exact cause of fibromyalgia is not yet fully understood. However, many factors may contribute to the development of the […]