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Can an Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath Enhance Your Health? #IonicDetoxFootBathNearMe #ReflexologyNearMe #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

July 16th, 2024 | alternative healing

  Yes it can! As part of our healing services to help our clients to feel better as quickly as possible, Healing Place LLC offers ionic detoxifying foot bath therapy as part of our wellness program. Our 30-minute detoxifying foot bath encourages the release of toxins from the body’s fat storage areas.   What’s In […]

Can #Reflexology Stop #Nausea and #Dizziness? #HealingPlaceEnergySchool #ReflexologyNearMe #selfhelp

July 13th, 2024 | alternative healing

Yes, Reflexology can relieve nausea and dizziness! Reflexology is a healing therapy that involves applying pressure with the fingers and thumbs to key areas of the feet, hands, ears, and face to relieve nausea and dizzy symptoms. Reflexology is is easy to apply and there are no side effects. Give Reflexology a try?    What […]

Can #Reflexology Help to #RelieveSciaticPain? #ReflexologyNearMe #PainReliefReflexology #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

July 10th, 2024 | alternative healing

Yes, Reflexology can help relieve sciatic pain. As anyone can tell you, sciatic nerve pain is excruciating. You can relieve sciatic pain by pressing on the right points on the legs with a touch of your fingers and thumbs!   Sciatic pain, or sciatica, is a common condition that many of us experience. It is […]

Can #Vegetarians Get #Hemorrhoids? How Reflexology Can Relieves #HemorrhoidsPain #HealingPlaceEnergySchool #ReflexologyNearMe

July 7th, 2024 | alternative healing

Yes, even vegetarians who eat a high-fiber diet can still have hemorrhoids. Why? For many reasons include lack of hydration, body movement, and lifestyle choices. Try Reflexology for hemorrhoid relief to support your overall well-being, including digestive functions.    Healing Place LLC works with clients with various digestive issues, including hemorrhoids. You may think those […]

Immigrant’s 4th of July Story and What it Means to Me? #HealingPlaceEnergySchool #ReflexologyNearMe

July 4th, 2024 | alternative healing

What my freedom means to me and my family? Happy 4th of July everyday!   Who are we? I am the first generation in my family to be born in America. My grandfather and my parents left their native country to live in a foreign land without knowing anyone, the language and customs, or how […]

Can #Reflexology Strengthen #Spleen Function to Fight Pathogens? #ReflexologyNearMe #SpleenHealth #HealingPlaceEnergySchool

July 2nd, 2024 | alternative healing

Yes, Reflexology is a powerful healing tool that can help to reset the body’s immune system while strengthening all body functions. Everyone is concerned about their overall health. The goal is not to catch unwanted illnesses. You can adopt many health-conscious habits to prevent catching with Reflexology. Start today; the power of healing is in […]