Mind-Body Connection: Lesson 3 – Meditation 20:13


I am Take Time to Connect Your Mind-Body


Allow yourself of “Me Time”. Me Time is not a luxury, but a necessity.  Because of the lack of making time to be with oneself, this is the biggest cause of disconnect and feeling out of place. We live our lives in a whirlwind, instead of feeling, we are doing. Stress and Anxiety is the biggest cause of mind-body disconnection. Trust your feelings and then follow through.




This meditation helps to

  • Quiet the negative and endless inner chatter.
  • Focus on your needs.
  • Practice positivity everywhere you go.



Course Follow Up

If you desired to advance your inner healer skills, take the  following courses in this order:

follow upFirst Step of Your Spiritual Journey
5-part How to Read, Feel, and Interpret Energy
Stop Fear From Blocking Your Inner Healer
9-part Know Your Chakras





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