Chakra 101- Know Your Energy, 9-Part

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Everyone can activate self-healing through mindful practices. Instead of feeling consistently uplifted and happy, many people feel out of sync. Many do not understand how their energy flows nor what to do when their energy feels stagnant or blocked. All you know you aren’t feeling well or something doesn’t feel right.

Chakra 101Know Your Energy teaches to understand energy flow and prevent burnouts. In nine lessons, you will learn how to control your energy flow and to avoid energy crashes. With mindfulness, you will learn the sign of sluggish energy and turn it around before spiraling into a negative energy cycle of depression and anxiousness.

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This is what you will learn in this nine-part series:

  1. What is energy, and how does positive energy serves you.
  2. Understand your energy flow so that you can adjust how fast or slow to move through your body.
  3. Release accumulated physical and emotional pain while better connecting to your spirit.
  4. Become aware when you begin to accumulate negative energy and stop it in its track.
  5. Shift your awareness to break your pain cycle
  6. Let go of limited and restricted beliefs.
  7. Become a magnet for life living instead of waiting for someone to give you permission to live.

In addition to the lessons you will also receive:

  • Nine thought-provoking homework exercises to support your chakras (downloadable)
  • Nine opening and grounding meditations and healing meditations to heal your chakras (Each opening and grounding meditation is approximately 3 minutes long and each healing meditations are each about 15 minutes long.)

The Curriculum (all lessons include opening and healing meditations)

  1. Your First Step of Your Journey (Introduction) 8:24
  2. Your Commitment and Preparing Your Space 6:06
  3. Lesson 1: What are Chakras? 22:51
  4. Lesson 2: Benefits of Having Healthy Chakras 33,14
  5. Lesson 3: How do Chakras Affect You Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually 28:13
  6. Lesson 4: Know your 7 Chakras 33:12
  7. Lesson 5: Vital Organs and Emotions Associated with Your 7 Chakras 31:42
  8. Lesson 6: Aura – Know Your Personal Energy Field 27:12
  9. Lesson 7: Power Up Your Chakras 33:12
  10. Lesson 8: Be Your Chakras’ Best friend 30:19
  11. Lesson 9: Protect your Precious Energy Sources 30:013
  12. Thank you for Attending Class 3:22

What’s great about this series?

  • The energy medicine theories are easy to learn in a non-judgmental forum
  • Everyone is welcome (novice and advanced healers)
  • There are no prerequisites other than having an open mind.
  • Go at your pace in the privacy of your home

Follow Up Series

We suggest you take the 5-part series How to Read and Feel Energy and Your Sacred Healing Space  Helen Chin Lui has written a book Know Your Chakras:Introduction to Energy Medicine to accompany this series.

1 review for Chakra 101- Know Your Energy, 9-Part

  1. Erica

    I really enjoyed this class. The meditations and journaling exercieses helped to deepen my understanding of chakras and how to protect my energy. If you are looking to learn more about chakras this class is for you.

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