Course 20: Migraine Relief with Head, Face, and Ear Reflexology, 4 Video Series $55


jean smaller oneBreak the Chronic Migraine Headache Cycle with Reflexology


Chronic Migraine headaches affect approximately 2% of the world’s population, including children. Migraine affects women three times as many as men.

Everyone either knows someone who suffers from migraine or struggles with migraine themselves. It is the 6th most disabling illness in the world. Every 10 seconds, someone goes into the emergency room complaining of head pain, and approximately 1.2 million visits are for acute migraine attacks annually.

In honor and love for my friend Jean Kingsbury, whom I worked with as a client since 2009, I developed a combined head, face, and ear reflexology to break or dummy down her migraine headache cycle.

Due to barometric pressure changes, it is a constant battle to keep Jean feeling well, and she is grateful that she is functional.

Jean has suffered from chronic migraine headaches since the age of 4. She is now 66 years in 2021. Jean has undergone every known traditional migraine relief program, including painful botox injections without having lasting results.


Head, Face, and Ear Migraine Headache Relief Reflexology Therapy

I am sharing this knowledge with you in hopes it will help you and your loved ones to find relief.


What you will learn:

  1. Welcome 3:29 minutes
  2. Jean’s Journey 15:13
  3. Step by step head, face, and ear Reflexology techniques (video) plus Reflexology Maps 14:29
  4. Migraine Relief Meditation 13:27, meditation begins at 5:27 minutes


How Does Reflexology Relieved Migraine Headaches? 


Reflexology is a science and an art. Reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears represent the body in miniature. By stimulating the nerve pathways will create an electro-chemical flow that communicates with the entire nervous system to encourage the body to heal. The principle of Reflexology is that all reflex points, meridian pathways, and chakra regions are connected to specific organs, glands, and body functions. Reflexology promotes the elimination of stress and reinforces the body’s ability to stay healthy and vital. 


 A few Reflexology benefits:

  • A feeling of deep calmness. Relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Promotes homeostasis – balances the normalization of all body systems
  • Promotes circulation and encourages the removal of toxins
  • Reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation
  • Increases the sense of well-being

What’s great about this series?

  • Everyone is welcome, from novice to advanced self-care healer.
  • Go at your pace in the privacy of your home.
  • The lesson is designed for the self-care healer ONLY. This does NOT replace traditional medicine
  • You may incorporate these skills into your professional healing practice. 
  • There are no prerequisites other than having an open mind and nimble hands

Cost: $55- View as often as desired for one year from date of purchase.


Instructor: Helen Chin Lui, Certified Reflexologist


[email protected]  or schedule a time with Helen Chin Lui  .




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