First Step To Your Spiritual Journey, 17-Parts


Everyone is on a spiritual journey, consciously, or unconsciously. We all want a meaningful life with purpose.

As you evaluate your life milestones, you silently have given yourself kudos for your achievements; these achievements show you are successful. You are happy. Then one day, something doesn’t feel right; your accomplishments aren’t making you happy anymore. They don’t have much meaning to you other, showing that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Instead of being ecstatic, you feel that something is missing like a jigsaw puzzle where you can’t figure out where the missing pieces should go.

With each passing day, the discontent grows deeper and becoming unrelenting. Even though you are doing the right things, you begin to question your self-worth. The uneasiness doesn’t go away.

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Is Your Soul Calling You to Take the First Step to Your Spiritual Journey?

If you are engaging in an inner dialogue with yourself and your soul. It starts off the conversations by asking you pertinent questions that you can’t avoid any longer, like:

  • Are you happy?
  • Do you have enough?
  • Do you feel fulfilled?
  • Do you know what you are chasing?
  • What would you rather be doing instead?

It is time to stop the madness and meaningless distractions. You want to live in your heart center. Live life and soul purpose, but you have no idea how and where to begin. The journey is full of detours and many paths. Let Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Helen Chin Lui show you how to begin your awakening process with her new course, First Step to Your Spiritual Journey. Helen has facilitated over 13,000 professional healing sessions since 2006. She has helped thousands of people to eliminate or manage their pain by teaching them how to awaken into their ability to self-heal. Helen will guide you on how to awaken your Soul and find the courage to take that next step in her new 17 part course series First Step to Your Spiritual Journey in three modules, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance.

  • Beginners module -how to activate the awakening process
  • Intermediate module – how to grow your spirit and live in alignment
  • Advanced module – how to integrate your soul and life purpose for inner joy

Included in this 17-part series First Step to Your Spiritual Journey, you will receive

  • 15 grounding and 3 healing meditations to help you to shift to a higher vibration
  • 3 mindful journaling exercises to support higher energetic shift

Powerful First Step to Your Spiritual Journey Lessons  Beginners Module

  • Welcome and Introduction 11:16
  • Lesson 1: Your Awakening 10:57
  • Lesson 2 : Your Past and Your Ego 14:04
  • Lesson 3: Being Mindful, Compass, Homework 19:06
  • Lesson 4: Healing Meditation 16:13

Intermediate Module – First Step to Your Spiritual Journey

  • Lesson 1: Your Inner Empath and How Information is Processed 15:06
  • Lesson 2: When to Put Your Needs Above Others and How to Detach with Love 13:43
  • Lesson 3: When to Intervene, Your Boundaries, and Mindful Journaling 15:08
  • Lesson 4: Meet Your Higher Self Meditation 16:20

Advanced Module – First Step to Your Spiritual Journey

  • Lesson 1: Spiritual Self-Ownership 14:09
  • Lesson 2: Intuitive Development Exercise 15:02
  • Lesson 3: Your Spiritual DNA, Your Soul Traits and Laws of the Soul 15:09
  • Lesson 4: Reset Your Soul and Your Soul Contract 15:04
  • Lesson 5: : Meet Your Spirit Guides and Customize Your Signs 13:18
  • Lesson 6: Meet Your Spirit Guides Meditation 14:09
  • Lesson 7: Mindful Journaling 5:59
  • Congratulations for Completing this Series 2:59

Upon completion of this series, if you desired to further awaken your inner healer, it is recommended you take the following courses in this order:



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