Course 22: Workplace Managing Stress and Anxiety with Mindfulness – 5 Video Series $55

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Does Your Work Place Have You Jumping Through Hoops and Putting Out Fires?


Stress is rampant in the workplace! As jobs are downsized or consolidated, the fear of losing a job is genuine. These worries cause anxiety and stress, physical and emotional pain that leads to unrelenting worrying. 

Or what if you feel invisible or in-valued in the workplace? These emotions can attract more negative outcomes and make you feel worse.  

Or are you tired from working from home and feel like an island because of the isolation and being unsupported?

Now is the time to stop the madness and negativity from hi-jacking your peaceful energy.

Everyone can learn skills to manage their stress and anxiety with mindful practices to attract positive outcomes. With desire and commitment, you too can stop stress and tension from overwhelming you. Manage Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace with Mindfulness; you can learn to feel physically and emotionally positive while elevating your productivity.

You can set boundaries, stop worrying about making the wrong decisions, and stop depleting your creativity. Learn easy mindful methods to attract positive outcomes and elevate your workplace presence.

Once you understand your self-sabotaging energy cycle, you can stop stress, anxiety, and depression before it eats away at your soul. 


5 video lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Manage Stress and Depression with Energy Medicine 14:28 minutes
  • Lesson 2: Live Mindfully 13:46
  • Lesson 3: Your Self-Care Prescription 7:19
  • Lesson 4: Learn Hand Reflexology to Release Stress & Anxiety and accompanying e-book 18:11
  • Lesson 5: Healing Meditation – Break the Negativity Cycle 13:50


Cost: $55 – Watch as many times as you choose for one year of purchase.


Instructor: Helen Chin Lui, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Certified Reflexologist




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